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.:Shani Reference:. 2013-2014 :DD by WolfSoulKeeper .:Shani Reference:. 2013-2014 :DD by WolfSoulKeeper
Yessssss ;u; <3333 I changed her too ;w; and there Is a reason..

For the past 2 years.. I almost forgot where all this love to wolves has started..
It was the German Shepherd.. How much i love them.. I remember there was this show In a rus channel.. How much I Loved this show <3 It was about a German Shepherd named Rex, (It was a realistic show, not cartoon xD) He was a police dog and you know.. all those stuff xD.. I always loved them, I wish to have them when I will grow up <3
But my point is, that this was my start, I'v been looking on some old drawings on mine.. and found GS's allot.. So I decided to make 'my self' as a GS ^^ And I'm happy VERY with this <333

Another thing you Must know, that Sap, Is my MAIN fursona will be used for more stuff than Shani, Shani Is my second fursona, will be used for projects :3 <3 And Shani and Sap.. I will tell you a spoiler.. They are the SAME soul and heart.. but from different.. like Parallel Worlds. I'm leaving you with mystery~ owo (You will see owo)

And again, please read everything if you are drawing her <3 (ATLIST her .:Appearance: )

.:The themes songs are: "Stand in the rain, stand your ground. Stand up when Its all crashing down, you stand throw the pain. You wont drown. And one day what lost Can be found. You stand In the rain" <33 Never give up <3 -> Superchic Stand on the rain [link]
And "Wish I know then, what I know now" "Wide a Wake" by Katty Perry <33

.:The kind is: German Shepherd <3
.:The name is Shani: Meaning: Red In old Hebrew, and a very strong (red) cotton rope, her parents wanted her to always be strong <3 (the problem I have now days x3) Nic-Names: Shnix, Shnizel(Only Dis girl ~lilPunKgirl Will know it x; )
.:The sex is: Fae, young ^^
.:The age is: 15.8 (Human years) 2.8 (Dog years) will change every month :3 Birthday day: 24.07.1997
.:The siblings are: Big Sister: Greta (RIP) x3.. Cousin: Liron (Will have a new reference for her to <3)

.:The personality is: Sweet, loving, kind, kind-hearted, can be a little shy around new dogs(people) but the shy goes away fest if there will be fun and just nice wolves(people) She will always try helping others before her self, she is giving up on her self quickly to help others (x3) She can be funny even not knowing it her self. Where there are allot of dogs(people) she is almost always stays quiet. Gentle. She doesn't have a very good confidence. She can have a very creative mind. Sometimes she can be very hungry (x: ).
Sometimes she can be very weak, when helping others she gets this very strong inside feeling in her heart, her heart Is open to everybody, she is dreaming to know how to look at others from heart. Most of the time she blames her for things that might even not be connected to her and she can take things very close to her heart, good or bad. She will never say bad things not snap. She will if she thinks Its the right thing to do. Sometimes when she feels like to talk allot, and the subjects Is getting to her she can be a BIG talker xD.. and maybe sometimes boring x3.. She Is VERY bad at explaining stuff, and have consecration problems xD.. She knows she Isn't perfect and that she Isn't better then anyone als. And, she Isn't the wolf to first start Conversations, but you can always approach her ^^ and she will talk to you ^^ <3 All who talks with her to her, are friends and are always welcome in her heart x3 <3 Sometimes, but RARELY can be short tampered x3 Mostly will be alone.
Another thing~ She ALWAYS feels like a secret cop.. seeing the bulling.. and painful wards others get.. but she can do nothing cuz she is scared.. and can't even tell it to anyone.

.:The likes are: ~Weather: She loves all kinds of weather, All seasons: Winter - Snow/Storms/lightning/And she Really loves the sound of rain/thunder storms <3, likes to look in the window in storms and drink something hot. Sometimes she even goes out side. Is makes her feel strong. Autume - The colors, the light rain the air. Spring - Flowers, colors Tree's (She loves climbing on tree's even as a wolf) And the air. Summer - Water, Sea (Mostly) hit and Her birthday day : Dh ;u;, and of course the fact that NO SCHOOL xD.. And in all of those seasons she feel Free <3.
~Colors: She loves red and light blue to green-blue mix <3
~Food: She likes all kinds of food, wont complain will just eat xD..
~Drinks: Everything, but NOT Alcoholics stuff and shit like those xD..
~Trips/being out side/Sports: She just LOVES trips and being out side, she loves all kinds of trips even if its including rocks,water or everything like this xD She likes all Sports, she will always try to play even if she doesn't play it good xD..
~In other/with wolves(people): She likes wolves(people) is they are accepting who she is, from the inside before the outside, She loves to hang out and laugh, She just loves PewDipPie -EPICBROFIST- <33
~Her life: She likes her life, they aren't sweet like honey, but she always tries to think this way to get pass throw hard times, and she tries to show it to everybody that yes, sometimes life can be hard and maybe to HARD but you can get throw it. x3 And will always try to help in the way. x3 <3

.:The dislikes: ~Bulling: She hates hate. She hate this ward and hate to see it around her. She will always try to protect when she feels strong and knowing what to say to protect. She will always try keep the calm between dogs(people) she hates to see other gets hurt, she hates to see others in pain while she can do nothing. She fears the fears. She fears to loose her love ones.
~Other: She just HATE blood tests, for her Is the most terrible nightmare.

.:Appearance: ~In General: Shani Is a (pure) German Shepherd with an unusual shorter muzzle & Light Markings, small sized and bigger tail. (Fuffy too <3) Both sides are the Same. :3
~Markings: Lighter then a regular GS, but regular makings shape ^^ With three dots near her muzzle.
~Tail: Hellion : D
~Hair: I always wanted to have some red hair stripes xD so I added them on her <3
~Only Official Items: Collar earings and Israel neckless <3 Please don't forget to draw those on her if you are <3

Even tho Shani Isn't my main fursona, she is a bi-- She Is ME and has a big meaning x3 Please don't steal her, thank you! x3 <3

Charry:=WolfSoulKeeper ;w; <33

And one more thing.. DON'T YOU DARE steal her or say Shani is your Fursona/OC or whatever. cuz.. this will just.. brake my heart.. cuz she Is ME.. and just.. please don't. Thank you x3 <3
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MAJESTIC-MELON Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awww Sap, I love this so much! :D
WolfSoulKeeper Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you so so much! ;u; <3333 I'm glad you do <33
adderconda Featured By Owner May 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's awesome

Your sooo good at making OC's and drawing :meow:
WolfSoulKeeper Featured By Owner May 27, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Awwww!! >w< Thank you so muh! ^^ I'm glad you think so! ^^ <33
And pffft! x33 thank you! ^^ <33
(Sorry for my late replay! >w<)
Vaiha Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Student General Artist
me likes her new design will re do the journal doll okay? :3 i love german shepherds
WolfSoulKeeper Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Awwwwww hun ;w; I'm sorry I'm makibg it hard for you :c I promise its the last time!! ;w; Thank you so much ;u; <333 (btw, if that isn't hard could you make the 'woof' one? ;w; ) And i'm going to do somehing for you to <33333 allmost done practicing pixel art :33And yesssssss they are Amazing <3333
Vaiha Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Student General Artist
you arenīt making it worse or something itīs okay ^w^ yersh i can do that ^^
WolfSoulKeeper Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
;u; Thank you sooooooo soooo wooof much ;u; <33333
MochaCheetah Featured By Owner May 1, 2013  Hobbyist
Awesome!!!!! I need to make a fursona at some point...
WolfSoulKeeper Featured By Owner May 2, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you so much! >w< <33 and yeah you should xD Its really fun to make those C:
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