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What should I develop more first? You can also write in the comments why and how Own style or Realistic style helped you to get better at drawing! 

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T h e G a n g


S t a m p s


F o r y o u


Just before school begins! I have a question to you!
Hello guys <: kinda of surprise, I know xD
But I want to know what do you guys think about boarding school? 

If you don't want know what boarding school is:
a Boarding school is a school has not only studying buildings, but also building for people, or in our case, 
Students to live in and wake up there every morning to go to school and get back to there room when school day is over.
A room will mostly have 4 students in them and will have besic stuff as, beds, tables, shelves and bathroom to make you feel 
as much as you are at home. You have your own group that will be your age/calss group. And a person who looks for all of you.
Those are the basics as far as I know (that also how I was) Basically a boarding school is mostly for kids who come 
from far cities to study in a certain school. From 7th grade to 12th grade.

A few answers I'm looking from you to those questions:

  1. What do you guys think about it? 
  2. would you want to go to a boarding?
  3. Does some stuff scare you about going to a boarding school?
  4. What do you have against it? 
  5. or you would say you would prefer going to a boarding school?
  6. Are boarding schools popular where you live/country?
  7. If you are in a boarding school, I would love to see your experience!

If you are thinking to go to a boarding school, please note me and I can help you to decide! 

This is my opinion as someone who has been in a boarding school for 3 years 
And one year as a regular student. (9th grade I wasn't in the boarding school but study in this school)
(Grades 10th, 11th,12th I was as a boarding school student)

Why I went to a boarding school in first place?

In my city I was bullied like ALLOT. I was a loner and They called me out about been a russian
tho I don't even look like one. Called me out for been small and short and well, they would find
more reasons to laugh and me and well, lowring my self confidence to below zero.
I was never able to talk back and defend my self. It was a religion school.
(And from here, as much as I preyed and believed, nothing helped me, so that when I stopped believe in god to this day.)
From then I cried to my mom that I wanted to leave this school, but I was there till one day even the teacher treated me like
Idk even know what and I ran from school. In that school I was till 5th grade, left for another school in the city for one year
and there I found Competition in Animals. But I was still bullied.
Then I went to a different school for 7th and 8th grade until I finally went to my boarding school.
At 6-7th grade It was my times of discovering the Anima wolf world, and WildSpiritWolf.. And started to draw
I was bullied for drawing wolves and over loving for animals.. I laugh on it now, but back then it was painful.
I didn't defend my self.
Finally my mom agreed to let me go to the boarding school. in the first year, 9th I was a regular student.
I got accepted, there you didn't make fun of russians since most of the school are russians.
They didn't bully me to much about the wolves.. but found it wired. It was fine
And then,

How did it go there?

I discovered the amazing world of the boarding school
In my first year of actually sleeping there at grade 10th It was amazing.. I'm honestly sorry for all those seconds 
I waisted been alone in the room and going out with everyone when they are having fun and connecting with eachother
Only in the end of the year I opened up. I have an amazing group. in that year we were 10th grade and 11th graders together
in the same group. The next year we go separated but kept the same name 'Dekel' (It means Palm tree in hebrew)
It was an amazing year, I got in a small organization to make activities for the whole boarding school like 220 people.
I finally was starting to build from 0 my self confidence. Until that past year I actually became the head of this small organization.
Everyone in my group was shoked I did it and got picked my the group to lead.
It was hard and difficult, but we did it!

Also to every group there is someone that watches over us and talk to us, and do activitied to us..
And that person can change your life, he is like a big brother to you <: Witch is really helpful in this confusing stage of life.

And we still have our Whatsapp group of us alone, and us with the 12th graders
And we all agreed to make a tattoo: My first tattoo :3 by WolfSoulKeeper I did it just 2 days ago : D
I'm the third person to make it ^^ and the first of the girls :3 

Thank you guys for anyone who shares, and please, you can ask me more question and I will answer everything! 

H o n o r e d and M y B b y s <3



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